Welcome to the LAMurakami datasciencecoursera Static Website

The Data Scientist's Toolbox course is a Johns Hopkins University MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) offered through Coursera I took in 2015. One of the tasks of the course is "Create a GitHub repository".

This is a Public site and the publishing source is open-source

A clone of the source can be made in any directory you have write access to with the following:

git clone https://github.com/LAMurakami/datasciencecoursera.git
cd datasciencecoursera

If the location you downloaded to is within the DocumentRoot of a site the Static Website copy should work as long as the pages all use relative references as intended. I use a location within a site (currently https://ak20.lam1.us/Temp/datasciencecoursera/docs) so I can test that the links are relative.

The Data Scientist's Toolbox Task detail related to the datasciencecoursera repo

The main tasks of the course included Installation of R and RStudio but the course also promoted GitHub as one of the tools of a Data Scientist.

Set up a GitHub account and create a repo

  1. Set up a Github account (you may use your own name or a pseudonym).
  2. Create a repo called datasciencecoursera
  3. Submit the link to your GitHub account (or a direct link to your datasciencecoursera repo)

Push a file into the repo on GitHub

  1. Create a text file called HelloWorld.md
  2. Add the line "## This is a markdown file" (without the quotation marks) to the document.
  3. Push the document to the datasciencecoursera repo you created on GitHub
  4. Submit the link to the HelloWorld.md file on your GitHub repo.

After the completion of the course

At the end of the course this repository had only the default README.md file of a repository and a HelloWorld.md file with specific markdown text specified in the task.

This is the second site I have hosted on GitHub Pages. My first GiHub page was the user page for my LAMurakami account sourced from the master branch of a new lamurakami.github.io repository with the github.lamurakami.com custom name. This GitHub Page is sourced from the /docs directory in the master branch of a previously existing repository. As a repository directory it's default published URL is a sub-directory of the lamurakami.github.io domain (https://lamurakami.github.io/datasciencecoursera) and a CNAME record can be used to set the custom name.

After setting up the /docs directory as the GitHub Pages source for this repository I decided to modify the main README.md to link to the GitHub Page as well as the course description. I looked through my notes and do not see that the main GitHub Markdown was required and deleting the repository was also not required.

I wonder how many repositories named datasciencecoursera exist on GitHub. Mine has existed for 5 years and now with the modifications will exist even longer. I have now completed a second GitHub Pages task: Create a /docs directory and set it as the GitHub Pages source for an existing repository.


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